About AtSite

AtSite has been designed to efficiently and easily generate information showing the attendance of staff at the strategic locations you have placed Beacons at.

Each location to be monitored requires a Beacon. The size of the area that staff will be detected within can be set by adjusting the Beacons internal parameters.

Staff carrying an iPod or iPhone or iPad using the AtSite App will record when they pass locations with Beacons installed then the data is uploaded into Nexus-WebEye for storage and reporting.

Getting Started

Download the AtSite app from the App-Store.

Contact Elite-ID if you don’t have a company ID. This is required.

Purchase Beacons then place them at strategic location around the facility where you want to record staff when they pass.

Create a login account then purchase credit to begin logging.

To setup your site(s) and locations, please contact Elite-ID for assistance.

Typical Applications

AtSite is remarkably flexible and particularly so when teamed with the wide range of reports in Nexus-WebEye.

AtSite and WebEye together is a powerful combination that will :-

  • Show each time a staff member attends a location as a “line entry” on a centre visits report
  • Show a pictorial view of one or selected or all locations giving a very quick and easily understood view of data on the Location Attendance Report
  • Using time profiles, calculate an average number of minutes between attendances on a Risk Management report
  • Calculate the accumulated time staff are attending locations on a Service Delivery report
  • Calculate the percentage of time you comply with your average attendance target in the Compliance report
  • Other reports are also available in Nexus-WebEye.

All these reports can be filtered by tagged locations, by staff member and by date and time.

Typical industry applications include

  • Cleaning – logging staff for compliance, to ensure areas are attended regularly
  • Supervision – collect staffing information to show who was where and when
  • Security – logging staff at strategic locations for site checks, record facility checks
  • General staff compliance monitoring – recording when staff attend required locations
  • Show what areas staff patrol and when – produce measurements of time in area, number of times attended
  • Record keeping – provide records for later proof of compliance
  • Ensure staff accountability
  • Locate staff on large sites