AtSite Features

Overall – AtSite is a full-featured and flexible integrated solution for staff Attendance Verification requirements where it is important to know where and when staff are attending specified locations.

Do you need to know:

  • if staff are attending locations as often as they should
  • if staffing meets your contractual requirements
  • if labour is being provided as per a staffing plan
  • if you are exposed to risk from staff non-compliance to procedures
  • your level of risk based on actual staff performance compared to required performance

Is it important:

  • to keep staff records for later use in billing or other equirements ?
  • that your staff perform as required – contractual, legal, other obligations?
  • that you need to be able to measure, to actually put a “number” on staff performances?
  • that you need to be able to continually monitor and ensure you meet requirements?

AtSite has been designed to help you with these issues

It works by – the AtSite App being loaded onto a logging device such as an iPhone, iPod or  iPad. This is then carried by staff as they perform their normal duties and once it begins logging the user does not need to interact with AtSite thereby not disrupting staff.

Data is logged by AtSite then sent to a Cloud based database and reporting system called Nexus-WebEye for controlled access by authorized users.

The reporting options in the integrated Nexus-WebEye Cloud database and reporting system give controlled, secure and topical access to many reports giving useful and powerful insights into staff attendances.

Record and report on staff attendances as they happen

Once logged into AtSite, every Beacon a staff member passes is logged then the data is uploaded to Nexus-WebEye.

If WiFi is available, that is used, else the data is sent via a 3G/4G or similar data plan when available. If it can’t be sent, it is retained inside the logging device till it may be sent.

Since each AtSite login can be a staff members’ name, this will be used on suitable reports providing in-depth information about staff movements.

Tag locations with Bluetooth smart Beacons

Each unique Beacon allows you to control where staff will be recorded when in proximity. The secure Beacons provide controlled logging area that can be tailored to specific requirements.

Integrated site setup and maintenance

AtSite includes the means to setup a new site, to add locations (Beacons) to the site, to change their name and to maintain the site.

These functions may only be done by authorized “management” users which is controlled by administrative access to Nexus-WebEye.

Use iPod, iPhone, iPad for logging

AtSite has been designed to work with these devices. The selection of which device to choose can depend on budget, what is already available, and the site or facility where the device is to be used.

For a low cost solution with minimal size where WiFi is available, long life, simple operation – the iPod is highly recommended.

For situations where WiFi is not available the iPhone is an ideal solution.

If WiFi and/or 3G or 4G phone data is available then data will be logged and sent as soon as it is collected.

Automated data collection and transfer made easy

AtSite makes it simple.

AtSite makes logging staff attendances easy and efficient without interrupting their normal work practices. It works with your staff rather than causing them to change their routines or costing them time and effort.

All that staff must do is log into their AtSite account, begin logging then go about their normal duties.

At the end of their shift they log out of AtSite then return the device they were using onto charge or pass it to another staff member.

Automated data transfer using WiFi & phone data

Within seconds of a staff member attending a location, that information will be sent to Nexus-WebEye and stored in its databases. It is available for use.

If WiFi or other data transfer means are not available, data will be stored in AtSite for transfer as soon as it is able.

The user is shown the number of records uploaded for the day, as well as the number of unsent records (which will be sent when able).

Cloud based data storage

Your data is uploaded to Nexus-WebEye for safe storage in the Cloud in a data centre designed specifically for safe data storage.

Nexus-WebEye frees you from the worry of losing data stored in PCs or other ‘fragile’ locations.

Wide range of reporting options

AtSite sends logged data to Nexus-WebEye as soon as it is able using WiFi or your Phone data plan. As soon as this data has been uploaded it is available for reporting and genrating insights into your staff performances.

Nexus-WebEye has many reports showing different insights into your staff Attendance Verification data. Using these reports you are able to very quickly detect areas of concern then action them.

There are ‘simple’ reports showing line-item information about who attended each location in turn. There is a pictorial report giving a ‘glimpse’ into your data that makes it possible to very quickly understand trends and identify problems. There are statistical as well as other reports showing various calculations that may be done with the data.

Low Cost – and including support

The annual fee for using AtSite includes access to the Nexus-WebEye database system with as many logins to Nexus-WebEye as are required. This includes all data storage and access fees.

AtSite download from the App-Store is free and may be installed on as many devices as you wish at no cost. However, to begin logging a valid account with credit must be used.


AtSite may perhaps be installed on devices already in use by staff hence eliminating some or all of the logger hardware cost. We do not require you to use a particular device or force you to purchase them from any particular supplier just so long as your device is one of the later model iPod, iPhone, iPad devices with Bluetooth-4.

An adminstrative login to Nexus-WebEye is provided at no extra cost that allows the creation of other administrative and/or controlled-access logins limiting the ability of users to see sites (centres) and the reports available – you are able to configure this. This allows Nexus-WebEye to be used by site staff, clients, management and system administrators and given the kind of access that best suits them.

Even better, Elite-ID will even create logins for you at no extra cost as part of their service and support freeing you from even this task.